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Land Development and Divisions


At Shilts and Johnson Land Surveying we work with private landowners and commercial land developers helping them create new parcels or buidable sites by combining or dividing one or more tracts of land.  All land divisions are regulated by Wisconsin State Statute and often are also regulated by local governing bodies such as cities, townships, or counties.  Often each governing body has different requirements, which can make the process confusing.  With our experience of working with local governments, we will help guide and inform our clients in which regulations apply and what land development options they may have.


We are committed to helping you with the land development or division of your property in the most efficient way while making the process as easy and affordable as possible.  We can help with the following land developments:


Certified Survey Map

  •    Minor Subdivison

  •    Maximum of 4 parcels under 1.5 acres allowed

  •    Maximum of 4 parcels shown per map

  •    Local government approval

County Subdivision Plat

  •    Maximum of 4 parcels under 1.5 acres allowed

  •     5 or more parcels shown on one map

  •     Local government approval

State Subdivision Plat

  •   5 or more parcels less then 1.5 acres allowed

  •   Local government approval

  •   State government approval

Condominium Plat

  •   Defines individual property unit ownership

  •   Describes property elements owned by all members

  •   Local government approval



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Land Development and Divisions

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