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Shilts and Johnson Land Surveying is a professional land surveying company focused on private and commercial property surveys.  Based in Cameron, Wisconsin, we primarily serve Barron County and the surrounding counties.


So What Does A Land Surveyor Do?

Glad you asked!  A land surveyor describes, maps, and locates land ownership boundaries and corners, features and improvements.  Since land and its improvements are major financial investments, a survey is a valuable asset to all landowners helping them define their property ownership.


When Do You Need A Survey?

Here are a few guidelines to let you know when a survey would be a good idea:

  • When property is divided into parcels for sale or development

  • When property is to be sold, purchased, or mortgaged

  • When property improvements are planned or to be developed

  • When government regulations require a survey and map of your property

  • When the location of property boundaries or corners is uncertain

  • When property trespass or encroachment is evidenced or suspected

What Type of Surveys Do We Do?

Boundary Surveys

We work with property owners of private or commercial land to help identify property boundaries.  We handle:

  • Boundary Line Identification

  • Maps showing compliance with local government regulations

  • Maps showing land encumbrances or encroachments

Land Development or Divisions

We work with private landowners and commercial land developers helping them create new parcels or buildable sites by combining or dividing one or more tracts of land.  We handle:

  • Certified Survey Maps

  • State or County Subdivision Plats

  • Condominium Plats

Plus, we also offer these services

Shilts and Johnson Land Surveying is the partnership of Wisconsin Registered Land Surveyors, Matthew Shilts and Steven Johnson.  Together we have over 40 years of experience surveying in Northwest Wisconsin.  We are committed to using that knowledge and experience to ensure timely and accurate completion of our clients’ projects.


Additional Services

FEMA Flood Elevation Documents

If you are currently paying for flood insurance and you feel that your property, buildings, or other structures are not in danger of flooding, we can assist in preparing documents that may help you avoid those insurance costs.


Topographic Surveys

These surveys create maps that show ground elevations of the property either by spot elevations or contour lines. These maps are useful tools to landowners for the preparation of their land for future design.


Construction Services

Once your home, driveway, or other improvements have been designed, construction staking physically locates and marks those features on the property. 


Easements and Legal Descriptions

If you are wondering if your property is affected by an existing easements or if you need to create new easements we can help.


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